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We are a general dentistry office located in Verona, Wisconsin.
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About the service

Teeth Whitening

If you want to restore the brightness of your smile, we offer a take-home whitening system to help you achieve your goal. Our whitening services are the safest and most-effective whitening method offered.


Veneers are permanent, porcelain restorations bonded to the surface of anterior teeth. They provide the color, shape and overall appearance you desire for your teeth and are a great long-term solution to many cosmetic concerns.

Composite Restorations

Composite restorations are tooth-colored fillings that match the shade of your natural tooth.

Cosmetic Bonding

This procedure uses a composite restoration to provide an effective and affordable solution to improving the appearance of a cracked, chipped or discolored tooth and can even be used to fill spaces between teeth.

We offer complimentary cosmetic consultations; please contact us today.